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New album: Screwed (7/12/2007)

Our new album can be downloaded. It's called: screwed. This eclectic album combines electronic, pop, rock and electro music. It's distributed under Creative Commons License by-sa, so all the tracks can be downloaded and copied for free.
The album's official presentation is on Friday at the Festival Universal (Albelda, Huesca) where we'll play live and copies of the album will be available.
One of the songs, Hate, appears on the december's Sweet Sinners chart. Web image.

Festival Universal (17/11/2007)

Here is the Festival Universal line up, where we will perform live on december 7. Oriol Benedet, Calvin Brothers Djs and FinlandiaClub Showcase (Javi Motis & Debruxelas, Dj Domingo, Mönt and Guo) will perform too.

The photos... (3/11/2007)

Watch the last performances photos.

FIRE Festival (Gallur)
Xofars Festival (Flix)
Echos at Kavern Dilo live (+Tow Truck +Joel Mir)
Echos at Kavern Dilo djs night
Djs Contra la fam (BCN)

Thanx to the photo team: Liana, Ana & Lupis, Nacho, Manel, Marta. (19/09/2007)

Here is the djscontralafam festival line up, where we will perform live on october 7. Funk D'Void, Dave Tarrida, Iñaqui Marín and Iana Himnia will perform too.

Echoes at Kavern - Second Edition (14/09/2007)

September 14 and 15 welcomes the second edition of "Echoes at Kavern" in pub Kavern, Mequinenza. In this new edition, on september 14: Tow Truck, resident dj of "Springflix" in Flix and music collaborator in Radio Flix; a live show by Dilo introducing some of the songs from our latest work and, finally, a session by Mequinenza dj Joel Mir. On september 15, the dj's party with all three Dilo components performing as Djs and Joel Mir with a brand new session. Kick-off time is at 00h. at night. Free admission.

Last updates (12/06/2007)

Wednesday, August 15, Dilo Djs come back in a gig in Xofars Festival, Flix (Tarragona). At end, an expected dj session: Joel Mir.

Hey! The Fire Festival flyer, with the "classic" :-)


New gigs and Dilo in myspace (17/05/2007)

After a short hiatus, we're now back on the air preparing our second disc and, just to wet your appetite, here comes a list of our next gigs. On 16 June we'll play in the second edition of Maidevera Park Festival, and on 4 August in Gallur for the 2007 edition of FIRE Festival (page on myspace).

This one is last year's poster. This year's final line up is not out yet but will soon be available. We can anticipate you though that we'll share the floor with a classic of Spanish electronic music ;-)

Speaking of myspace, the site where every music-making soul must be, find us there in this link

and listen to music, watch photos and videos, drop us a line with your comments, etc.

Update: (20/05/2007) At this time, Maidevera Park Festival has been postponed. Check this site to get new information.

Echoes at Kavern [x-mas edition] (26/12/2006)

The first edition "Echoes at Kavern [x-mas edition]" opens up at pub Kavern, Mequinenza on Friday 29 December. After a successful summer season, we're back with a vengeance with a special Xmas venue you can't miss out.
This time it is a DJ's party with a triple session between the members of Dilo and a special electro-minimal session with Joel Mir. It will all kick off at 00h at night. Free admission.

You can download our warp dj set session from: warp dj set (100 MB) and some photos by clicking on fotos.

New song + Photos + Web beat'emp'up productions (03/11/2006)

Last October we finished a new song called War inside, which outlines our new Dilo album. You can play it by clicking on the link above or using a flash media player on the left from the main menu (player).

Our media section includes photos of our latest gigs. Also in Youtube there's a couple of videos from our last gig in Aragón State of Djs. Below you can see Thermal disaster. The rest are in the media section. Former member of XtEnSioNs Of Mind, Santi Nicolau, recorded and edited the videos.

Our friend Dan sends us his link to his new web beat'emp'up productions. In the audio section, you can catch up with his latest music projects of hip hop sounds. In the media session, make sure to download some cool stuff like Joel Mir's session, a disjey from Mequinenza, you may remember from the first edition of Echoes at Kavern of last September.

Aragón state of dj's (24/09/2006)

Next Friday 11 October kicks off Aragón state of dj's in Sala Capitol in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza); we'll be playing there, together with other bands and dj's.

Echoes at Kavern (03/09/2006)

September 15 welcomes the first edition of "Echoes at Kavern" in pub Kavern, Mequinenza. This new music event aims to pave the way to electronic music and become a reference to other events attempting to break free from mainstream commercial music, which unfortunately seems to be the rule rather than the exception lately.
In this first edition, Tow Truck, resident dj of "La Sala" in Flix and music collaborator in Radio Flix; a live show using the program Ableton Live by Anhell, a component from Dilo; a live show by Dilo introducing some of the songs from our latest work and, finally, an electro minimal session by Mequinenza dj Joel Mir. Kick-off time is at 1h. at night. Free admission.

August latest news (09/08/2006)

Dilo plays at Maidevera Park Festival on 2 September in the Zaragoza town of Illueca. This will be a good one, as we'll be playing in the groovy setting of the Maidevera reservoir in Ilueca itself. Be there, don't be square, or you'll miss a swell live session of our latest songs, Chemical beat, among them, a song freshly composed, mixed and mastered, and coming out from the oven this very August!

Press note in El Periódico (17/06/2006)

Sergio has handed us on a 16 June press clipping from El Periódico referring to Dilo. Click on the photo below to zoom in and get a closer view on the clipping.

Live show in Festinoval de Lleida (24/05/2006)

Our demo has been shortlisted to play in the fifth edition of Festinoval in Lleida. We'll play on 23 June at 4h in the morning. Be there, don't be square!

You can listen to our latest two songs live in Lleida: Sick of reality and Cracks. Time is drawing near for the new Dilo record to come out...

Photos of Flix and Bilborock 2006 (06/05/2006)

Check out photos of our latest gigs: Bilborock 2006 and La Sala - Flix.
In both gigs, Bea Ventura has collaborated both with her voice and choruses.
We'd like to express our warmest thanks to everyone who's helped us and made the latest Dilo gigs possible. Your help is most appreciated!

We'll be playing at Bilborock 2006 (13/02/2006)

We've been shortlisted to play on the second phase of the Bilborock music contest, together with other nine bands from new tendencies. We're playing next Wednesday 3 May.

This info is also available in

Update (21/04/2006)
On Friday 28 April we'll play live at "La Sala" (Flix).

New songs (27/11/2005)

Feel free to listen to our new songs. Click on music and download our new repertoire Fingernails and Thermal Disaster, the latter a protest song.

Update (23/12/2005)
Other songs: Weekend rebel, @.revolution, Hate, Stranger and Stup-id.

Photos of our live gigs and new songs (23/09/2005)

You can already download the photos of our latest gig by clicking on photos.

New songs and venue (14/08/2005)

It's been a long time since we last updated our web... we've been busy preparing new songs and re-mixes, which you'll soon listen to in our web. As an appetiser, you can download the Cycle re-mix we submitted to a contest: Mechanical (re-cycle-d mix).
Ángel is almost recovered from the accident, and finds it easier to make "cutoff" moves.
After tough negotiations, we can finally confirm that we'll play again in Mequinenza in the program of the festivities of La Santa. The venue will be on Saturday 17 September at 2:30h in the morning in sala VR (Vora Riu). If you want to listen to our new songs, don't miss out on this one! And for this year's gig we will enjoy the exclusive sound of a special equipment in an attempt to avoid last year's sound hiccups.

Ángel injured in serious accident at work (21/01/2005)

Ángel Expósito, member of Dilo, is badly injured in hospital as a result of a serious accident at work. Despite his serious condition, he's recovering slowly after several surgical operations. We'll keep you posted.

Update (16/02/2005)
Ángel has finally come back home. He's started to walk again and listen to music ;-) He's recovering slowly but surely. We hope he'll be in full gear soon!

Dilo news in other webs (12/01/2005)

For some time, Dilo's record Robots has been available on the following address and the song Tray of Ash may be downloaded from his xmas compilation. Other Dilo news are also accessible on

Download Dilo's first album (04/10/2004)

Download Dilo's first album from the Music section. Download the sleeve artwork too and create your own CD.

New photos from Dilo's last gig available in the Media section.

Remember the forum remains open. Please feel free to post a question so we can talk/share/debate interesting issues. We suggest the following: why is song number 11 so long?

New forum (25/09/2004)

New forum to debate opinions about dilo.

Next week, we will release some photos from the Mequinenza's performance and will release our first album on internet... free!!

Flix performance. Red Rings, new Dilo's song (09/08/2004)

Next friday 13, our first performance of the year will be in Flix. Cool day to perform :-) (more information in Gigs section).
A new Dilo's song can be heard: Red Rings. To hear more songs, visit the section: Music.
From now on, our songs will be licensed under a Creative Commons License. We have modified too the look of the web, a more minimal design.

Update (13/08/2004)
You can hear our last song: Flexxx.

Summer performances... (21/07/2004)

This summer you can see Dilo live in Flix (Tarragona), friday august 13 at 2h., and saturday september 18 in Mequinenza (Zaragoza). We are working on new songs and covers. You can hear these songs in this web, if RIAA permitting...
We went to Monegros Festival to pick up some ideas... some stuff...

Dilo's new songs (20/03/2004)

Clic on the Music section to hear two new Dilo's songs: Hup and Mass Invasion. Also, you can hear two remixes for the Ellos and Chris Liebing contests.

Dilo's new live songs (18/12/2003)

Clic on the Music section to hear three live Dilo's songs: Is Dead (not edited, you can only hear this live version for now), Mastretta (Reparto a Domicilio live) and Tray of Ash. These songs were recorded live september 20 (2003), in the Mequinenza's VR hall-club.

New photos and videos. New remixes (07/12/2003)

We have spend some time to putting on our web some photos and videos from the september performance in VR club. We are working on a new remix for the "Zona Vip" song from "Ellos" band for the Subterfuge Records new contest.

New Dilo songs (20/08/2003)

Clic on the Music section to hear three new Dilo's songs: Tray of Ash, April and The Chester. Don't miss the new performance (20/08/2003) to hear these songs live.

New performance confirmed -23/05/2003- (20/07/2003)

With some delay in the publication, we have been very busy, we have a new performance confirmed. See the Gigs section for more information.

Participation in the Demo 2003 contest (19/02/2003)

This is the third year of the Proyecto Demo contest, that is organised by Radio 3, Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (Fib) and MTV España. Our contribution to the contest is a tree-track demo CD with the following songs: Zebra, Confuzzion and Eliminated (drum & bass live remix).

Radio Fraga interview to Dilo(18/02/2003)

Clic on the Music section to hear the Radio Fraga interview on January 9 to Dilo.

Zebra song in Pub Welcome's web (01/02/2003)

The Pub Welcome's web has included a snatch of our song "Zebra" in the home page.

New performances planned. "Dilo DJs" (22/01/2003)

After the success of the last weekend performance in Pub Welcome's, Dilo returns next weekend with a new performance, this time performing DJs. The party will take place in Vora Riu Club, Mequinenza, at 01:30h on saturday 25-01-2003.
We have added new photos and songs. More info in Media and Music sections.
Update (23/01/2003): More photos from the september performance. New songs to download: Attack, Confuzzion, Jaurex (remastered) and Eliminated (drum & bass remixed version by Dilo) recorded live in Fraga (14-12-2002).

Happy new year 2003 and new song (31/12/2002)

Dilo wishes you a happy new year 2003 and puts a new song (Zebra) in Music section. Our next performance will be on friday, 17 january of 2003, in Pub Welcome's.

Dilo's new performances (24/10/2002)

We have confirmed two new performances. See the Gigs section for more information.
Update (2/11/2002): New performance added.

Backlash after our first performance (22/10/2002)

After a fully deserved break, here we go again! The 21 september performance was fully recorded in audio and video formats.
In the next few days, we will upload this performance in mp3 format and we will update Media section with new material.
Shortly, it will be available in CD (Audio+Video) format at a low price.

Performance change place (21/9/2002)

The performance will be in Vora Riu's place.

New songs added (13/9/2002)

Added new song: Jaurex. Go to Music section for more infomation and to download and hear it.
Update (19/9/2002): Added cover from Skunk Anansie band, entitled Pickin on me.

Update and dessign changes. New song list. (9/9/2002)

We have updated and made small changes to the web. After some hard work mixing and mastering, our new songs are almost finished. On the Music section, the new songs list is available. You can hear these songs shortly.

DILO performances (Summer 2002)

On Mequinenza's september 2002 festivities, Dilo will carry out the first live performance. More info in Gigs section.

Updated songs (Summer 2002)

The Songs section has been updated and new mixes added.

Participation in Mastretta's Contest (19/03/02)

We have posted the remix to the contest that Mastretta proposes in his web ( for the song "Reparto a domicilio" from his last album. You can hear it in Songs section.

Participation in DEMO 2002 Contest (05/03/02)

This is the second year that the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim organises the DEMO 2002 Contest, with the collaboration of Radio 3 and MTV España. We participate in the contest with a tree-track demo CD with the following songs: Eliminated, Propelled and The Saints.

Participation in Fangoria's Contest (15/02/02)

On Tuesday 12 February we sent the remix for the contest organized by the Spanish band Fangoria. The song to remix, "Eternamente Inocente", is one of the tracks in their latest album "Naturaleza Muerta". The two remixes selected will be included in the next single of the band. For our last work, we have had the collaboration of a new member of the band, Jordi Aranés.

Opening the web (February 2002)

Official web from Dilo's band, begins activity on early 2002. Here, you can obtain accurate information about gig dates, new song releases and history. You can also hear some songs and view some media from the band.

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